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    “The merry world you see, is just a stage and all the men and women are players’ Theatre is a source of joy and inspiration for people of all ages. The need to support theatre for children is felt in our times as cultural space for children activities appears to be shrinking rapidly. Continuing with its tradition of organising One Act Play St. Jude’s School organised this year with the theme. ‘Teenage Issues’. This event provides new opportunities to student to come forward and showcase their talents. Each House was abuzz with direction, action props and creative ideas. The curtain was raised with Gardner House presenting the play ‘Teenage Problems’. This was followed by Howard House presenting ‘Open Up’ a play focusing on the problem of ‘Bullying among the teenagers. Lyons House enacted ‘The Basketball Diaries’ based on the life of Jim Caroll highlighting the problem faced by Teenagers. The acting skills of the students generated a thunderous applause from the audience. The performances were judged by Mr. Micheal Burrows and Mrs. K. Puri from St. Thomas’ College and Mr. Pawson from Hilton’s School who were highly impressed with the qualities of plays selected and the perfect execution of these by students. The results announced were as follows: Lyons House – 1st Position Howard House - 2nd Position Gardner House - 3rd Position Khanna House – 4th Position The award for the best actress was given to Khushi Kudiyal of Lyons House. The contest left the audience spellbound with its provoking messages. Well Done Teachers and Students.

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